Go “Friend” Yourself!

In today’s world, it’s easy to get caught up in what other people are doing.

How often do you check Facebook?
How often does your phone alert you that some celebrity or public figure you follow just tweeted that they are doing something that in no way, relates to you?
How often do you actually check in with yourself about some breaking update in your life?

If you can spread gossip, bring a friend up to speed on the new plot twist of the Days of Our Lives, or give us the rundown of what happened in Hollywood this week faster than you can equally and enthusiastically update us on your life, you may have a bit of a problem. A lot of people who use social media are quick to post a status update or tweet about some life event that is happening to them. From, “…standing in line at Chipotle,” to posting photos of a red traffic light with the caption, “…sitting at a light on my way to work. OMG!”, do we really need to know that? Thanks for the update, however, I think the OMG would be more appropriate if you actually captured the speedometer at 50 mph while showing the red light and your car going through it in the same shot.

It seems that as time progresses and social media continues to explode, people are spending more time concerning themselves with the lives of others as voyeurs and less time reading news feed updates about their own lives. There has been such an outcry recently about the United States government violating our privacy by listening to phone conversations, etc., and while I agree there should be limits, one has to ask just how private “private” can be when everyone on social media is in everyone else’s business. We aren’t very private, are we?

If you’re going to put yourself out there on display to the world, why not put something good out there? Declare to the world some new goals for yourself and ask for support in achieving them. Chances are, with 5,000 friends on Facebook you’re more than “like”ly to know someone else who wants to do the same thing. Use social media to support your efforts instead of making you feel like you haven’t achieved as much as everyone else you subscribe to.

Most importantly, go “friend” yourself. Take an interest in what YOU are doing. Be the one who monopolizes YOUR news feed. Tweet a life occurrence to yourself. Take pride in yourself and what you put on display. Don’t post a new photo of yourself and continuously refresh the page to see how many new “likes” and comments you have. If you’re that starved for attention, maybe you should seek attention from the one person who is always interested in you – YOURSELF!

Finally, take some time to weed out the people that you’re not really friends with. If you’re on social media because you’re nosy, at least admit that to yourself and continue to grow as an individual. If you’re on social media to keep in touch with real friends and family members, go for it. If you’re on social media because you want to feel a sense of community and belonging, take a second and think about whether or not you’re actually getting what you’re setting out to receive. Chances are, you’re not, and you’re wasting your time. If you really want a sense of community, go be a part of one, in person, with real people, with real energy and real feeling – not some cyber garbage that is cloaked in a veil of metadata fantasy.


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