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“Whoa!” said the person so filled with holiday spirit as they leapt off of their scale with such a clatter of fatter!

“That can’t be right. Let’s try it again.”

“Holy Moses! It’s only December 9th! I better get a grip before I spiral completely out of control! But what do I do? December is so hard! It seems like there’s some new holiday temptation every day and at this rate, I’ll need to rethink my New Year’s resolution. How do I resist the temptations without feeling deprived and left out of the festivities?”

If this sounds familiar to you, ears up and eyes forward because I’m about to share some award-winning tips of holiday survival with you! Ok maybe they haven’t won awards yet, but they will!


The Basics of Managing Holiday Eating

First, be a food snob.
Not every piece of chocolate tastes the same and if chocolate is your kryptonite, be picky! The bowl full of chocolate kisses may seem harmless but these kisses can be deadly. One kiss usually leads to two, which is followed by three, four and eighty. Keep that guard up and protect the relationship that you’ve been building with yourself. If you allow your self-devotion to be unraveled by some quick and easy kisser, how strong is your relationship with you, after all? Be picky and choose the chocolate to devour. Have some standards!

Second, the world is not running out of food so don’t be so quick to pile it onto your plate as if you’ll never eat again. When presented with a buffet of options, scan the buffet once without a plate in hand to see what your options are. Then, go pick up a plate and make your top five selections. By putting five items on your plate, the division of fifths on any plate requires each fifth to be small and it’s a great way to exercise portion control.

Third, avoid complex carbs at dinner, whenever possible. This means avoid things like bread, pasta, potatoes, grains, pretzels and other heavy carb options. I’m not saying avoid complex carbs at all costs – I’m simply saying don’t eat them at dinner as often as possible. Complex carbs are designed to give us energy and require ample time to break down in our bodies. If you load up on lasagna, a garlic roll and some cake at dinner, your body is probably going to experience an extremely restless sleep and you’ll probably wake up in a pool of your own sweat from your body trying to metabolize your dinner. The next morning, you’ll most likely arise to feel sluggish and groggy and rather unpleasant to be around. If you eat some form of protein and simple carb vegetable (any non-starchy veggie) for dinner, you’ll sleep wonderfully and should wake up feeling tons better than you would have had you eaten a carb-laden dinner.

Fourth, pace yourself. December has 31 days and is like no other month. This month is full of parties, gatherings, food gifts, giveaways, samples, temptations, and permissive friends and family who will always encourage you to indulge because, “it’s a holiday! Live a little.” Would you rather live a little during these scattered holiday gatherings or would you rather have the biggest smiled plastered across your face toward the end of the month and beginning of January when you don’t have to resolve to lose weight gained over holidays like everyone else?

Fifth, review the above and make a little game plan. During this time of year, there’s definitely enough to do and think about, but it’s important to put yourself on the list. While you’re at it, put yourself at the top of the list. It’s your list – it’s up to you how it gets written.

Let’s review:

Be choosy. Ask yourself before eating anything, “Do I really want this? Why?” If you can’t answer why within three seconds, you want it because you’re being impulsive and, SORRY, BUT, BEING IMPULSIVE ISN’T GOING TO GET YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO BE! STOP LYING TO YOURSELF!

Make your plate pretty, organized and clean. If you can’t see what you’re eating, you can’t appreciate it. You wouldn’t get on your knees and belly up to the slop pit among the other pigs on a farm for your dinner, so don’t make your plate look like you would. Take an extra twenty seconds and tweak the presentation value!

Eat dinners that will help you sleep better and wake up feeling great. Move those complex carbs to breakfast and lunch for better results! They’ll also help keep hunger and emotions at bay as you hustle through your days.

Pace yourself. Holiday treats are always abundant and you will not miss out if you pass up a couple opportunities.

Make your game plan. Just as you make your list of who to shop for and what to buy, put yourself on your list at the very top and write next to your name:

Maintain my level of happiness beyond food and take care of me so I can take care of everyone else.

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year and as long as you make some simple adjustments to your life, you can enjoy the season and you will continue to enjoy your life beyond the season. It will happen again next year, so why not establish some new traditions?


©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2013 All Rights Reserved.

Johnny Potrekus
Twitter @teamjohnnyusa


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