Cookie Crisis!


Every year around this time, I start to hesitate. Yes, even I – the guy who beat obesity, get hesitant about the holiday season.

Soon there will be cookies at every turn, people will be giving me chocolate treats as gifts and if this year looks anything like the past years, I will eat the gifts with a giant smile on my face and a look of horror on January 2.

My hesitation comes from wanting to be carefree, joyful and high-spirited during this beautiful season. Every year prior to this one, I looked forward to Christmas because of food. Cookies, candies, etc., – it was finally okay to eat chocolate daily while uttering the excuse, “’Tis the season!.”

I know that food does not bring me happiness. It brings me temporary moments of bliss because of boosts given to my serotonin levels in my head and soon wears off and leads me wanting to take another hit of that chocolate! And another! And another! And another!

NO!! I must pay attention! Keep calm and carry on!

I’m always honest when I blog and I have to tell you – this month truly scares me. It scares me for what I have endless chances to do, as well as the endless chances that others have to eat and eat and binge some more! It scares me to see people inhaling enormous amounts of food like they’re never going to eat again.

Maybe we should team up to watch each other! Check out “Team Johnny PBC” on Facebook and LIKE it! You can post there with just about 400 others and we can really get some helpful input!
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