“Choose” to “Lose”

Success is measured in "bites"!

Do you eat breakfast just because it’s time to?
Do you eat lunch just because it’s lunchtime?
Do you eat dinner because it’s dinnertime?
Do you snack at night just because you’re sitting idle in front of the TV?

The other day, I had a sizeable lunch and was more than satisfied with what I had eaten throughout the afternoon afterward. When it came time to have dinner, I began looking through my refrigerator for something to make. It didn’t dawn on me until I was sitting down to eat that I had absolutely no interest in eating what I’d made and it wasn’t what I had made that provoked that feeling – it was the overwhelming sense of fullness that existed because of the volume of food I had eaten earlier. I came to a “fork” in the road. A new dish was on my table for dinner and the name of that dish was Choices.

Then I began to ask myself, as I’d done at other times in recent years, “Is it okay to skip dinner?” Truthfully, I do not like missing meals. I like eating. Heck, that’s how I grew to nearly 300 pounds, years ago. It wasn’t that I hated the act of devouring yummy food; the question that was stumping me was, “Is it okay not to eat if I’m not hungry?”

It occurred to me that I was not listening to my body and that for the most part, as far as my eating behavior was concerned, that was the ‘norm.’ That didn’t sit well with me and I decided that if I don’t feel signs of hunger (i.e. abdominal growling, churning, gnawing, etc.) that meant that I wasn’t hungry or that I was okay. If you don’t feel hunger, you must not feel starvation; therefore, you must be okay.

So many of us freak out when the thought of skipping or delaying or realizing we’d missed a meal arises. What if I get ravenous? What if I overeat? What am I supposed to do instead? What if…

My answer: So what?

So what, if you get hungry; can you not go make something to eat? So what, if you find yourself suddenly ravenous; can you not go fill a glass with water and drink it down? So what, if you stop for a minute and think about the action you’re about to take; is the world’s food supply going to vanish? Have something new for dinner: Have a heaping pile of Choices.

Take it from me. Buy yourself some time and if you’re not that into it, don’t eat it. It takes so much effort to burn calories. How many hours of exercise do you have to do to earn back the calories you’ve wasted on meaningless snacks and treats? Don’t make more work for yourself!

Be choosey about the foods you eat; from their origins, to their handling, to their processing, to their arrival in your home or on your plate at a restaurant – be choosey!

If you’re not hungry or if you’re just not into the food in front of you, don’t eat it!

Your life is controlled by you and you make the choices that determine your future.

Either you want to make more work for and constantly participate in a head-to-head battle with yourself, or you can strive to take an extra THREE SECONDS OF PAUSE to give yourself a different outcome.

Aren’t you worth it?


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