Battling Holiday Cravings


Today’s blog entry is multifaceted.

I am struggling with a craving and I am trying to get through it.

Halloween is over and as we saw for the entire month of October and even before, there was candy everywhere. Those of you who work in offices and other areas where you have coworkers who bring things to work are probably still seeing candy popping up in your kitchens or shared spaces.

Going the complete opposite route of prior years, this year I abstained from candy for the longest time and permitted myself to have some candy corn and other treats near Halloween. On the actual day, I had, literally – five fun size packages of candy. Each day last week around Halloween, I had a bag of M&Ms and I looked forward to it every day. With the healthy way that I eat and the amount of exercise I have been getting, I didn’t think it would be a problem.

Weight-wise, there hasn’t been a major issue. However, it has become a problem. Sugar cravings that I used to have years ago are back and they are back because I have been incorporating a steady, daily stream of processed sugars that are taking their toll on my body and causing me to want more and more.

When I eat naturally occurring sugars like those found in fruits and vegetables, I feel fine and do not crave sugar. From lessons learned in the past, I have to quit processed sugar for a couple weeks to get it completely out of my system. I am definitely battling the cravings to put chocolate in my mouth, particularly M&Ms. I could care less about the other candy options, but that chocolate shell – its crunch, fun color, weight, explosion of taste in my mouth – it is unlike anything else. I have tried the “Unreal” version and I love them. The problem is that because they are a better choice but still candy, I con myself into believing that I can eat the whole bag because it’s not ‘bad’ for me. I haven’t had the “Unreal” candy in quite a while.

Is it just something temporary that will pass? Sure.
Is it bothersome to me because it gets in the way of my efforts to maintain my weight and healthy eating efforts? Yes!
Can I beat this by staying steadfast in my behaviors and food decisions conducive to achieving ultimate health? Yes!
Am I beating myself up about decisions I’ve made recently that I have put me into this situation? NO!

If you are like me and you are struggling to get the sugar out of your system, take solace in knowing that if you can just stick it out for a few days, the processed sugars will leave your body and you will win this battle! Do it now and maintain your efforts throughout the upcoming holidays. The danger foods – baked goods, candies, sweets, etc., are only going to increase in volume and you want to make sure that just because they are increasing in volume, you are not also increasing in volume!

Lesson learned:

Figure out what foods are just complete “danger” foods for you and avoid them at all costs.

If you can’t find a better substitution, make the best choice you can while knowing that you may be in for a bit of a fight later.

Getting away from processed sugars isn’t easy by any means and food manufacturers know this. Because they know this, tons of processed foods have added sugars and they aren’t limited to just candy – they’re everywhere! Stick with the whole foods and nix the processed stuff. You’ll do yourself quite the favor and you will reduce the amount of food stress in your life by choosing your “self” before choosing to take that next bite!


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