Would You “Mind” Going on a Diet?

We’ve all heard how both diet and exercise are instrumental in achieving our desired weight goals. When most people hear the phrase “diet and exercise”, they think they have to go on a diet and begin exercising. This is only partially accurate. A “diet” is what one eats – period. A “diet” is so commonly misused to promote a specific way of eating geared at a specific caloric deficit designed to promote the removal of excess weight from the body. For the sake of my blog and perhaps your lifestyle from this day forward, drop the “diets” and alter your “way of eating”.

So do you have to diet and exercise to lose weight? Yep.

If you alter your daily caloric intake to promote the removal of excess mass from your body while at the same time incorporating more physical movement and activity into your lifestyle, the excess should come off, regardless of speed.

But altering caloric intake and incorporating a physical training schedule isn’t enough. We need to train another facet of our amazing machines known as our bodies; our minds.

Our eating styles are behavioral based, which means that we eat the ways that we do for specific reasons. While you may not know this or what the reasons may be, we all eat from them and it’s only when you can identify why you behave the way that you do that you can alter how you behave.

For example, if you love chocolate chip cookies and you can’t really figure out why, except for the fact that they smell and taste incredible, chances are you have a deep-seeded behavioral connection with chocolate chip cookies. Maybe your mom was home to greet you when you got home from school and the house smelled of freshly baked cookies and that meant you were able to have some special time with mom. Over time, you may have developed a sentimental connection to the chocolate chip cookie because of the life experiences you had surrounding the cookies. Maybe your mom is no longer near you, whether she lives far away or has passed away, and for some reason, every time you smell the chocolate chip cookies you immediately feel better and the nostalgia of such a significant part of your life sets in.

This is just one instance where behavior plays into our connection with foods. Think of how many you might have and how you live your life accordingly.

What behaviors could/would you change if you knew they existed?

I would recommend to everyone that we all change one huge underlying behavioral go-to, which is negative self-talk.

Just as much as we need to alter our food intake and exercise expense, we need to give our minds a healthy diet too. Yes, what you literally eat can help your brain function – but for this topic, think of what you feed your brain and think of what the results are.

If you feed your brain a diet of poisonous thoughts, then doesn’t it seem fitting that you’re going to walk around in a body that is laden with toxins? You know that body; a body that is always hurting, always overweight, always tired, always depressed, always looking like a hot mess, always making you feel inferior to others or inferior to the garments you’re trying to wear, etc.

If you feed your brain a diet of healthy, nutritious thoughts, then doesn’t it seem fitting that you’re going to walk around in a body that is positively fabulous? That body is one that always feels infused with life, energy, always excited for the day ahead, always optimistic, always looking for the positive physical attributes, always feeling secure in your skin and elevating your personal confidence to unprecedented levels.

What you think about – you bring about. If you think you’re incapable of being happy, of loving yourself, of appreciating who you are and what you’re after, then you will never be happy. You will never love yourself, you will never fully appreciate who you are and you’ll never get what you’re after.

If you decide to be happy and if you love who you are and what is awesome about you, then your life will reflect your thoughts in different manifestations. If you think, “I love my life, I love my body, I love my mind, I love that I’m such a great person, I love that I’m caring, I love that people seek me out for my wisdom, etc.” – then your life will reflect those thoughts in ways of circumstances causing you to continue loving your life, your body, your mind, your unique characteristics, and so much more.

As much as we need to monitor our calories in and our calories out, we need to monitor the thoughts we feed into our brains and the actions that we produce. If you don’t think too highly of yourself, don’t expect others to either. If you want others to see you in a way you dream of, what you think about – you bring about. It’s all up to you!

Be your own mental dietician and put yourself on a customized program that will get you where you want to be. If you’re not sure where to start, I can coach you to reach unprecedented levels of personal confidence. Join my “TEAM”!


Johnny Potrekus
©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2013 All Rights Reserved

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