The Autumnal Adios!


If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where the leaves change, take a cue from nature and incorporate some change into your life. As far as the trees are concerned, what’s been ‘hanging’ around for a while is ready to fall away and be disposed of. The cue from nature that we can incorporate into our own lives is to spend a weekend or a day here and there but commit to the project and pitch the extras that have been hanging around throughout the year.

If we did an Autumnal Adios, instead of a Spring cleaning, you could go through your spaces and pull out things you no longer want or need before you acquire more. While the weather is better, you could have a garage or yard sale and people could pick up some really interesting gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah this year. You could also go through all of the toys that your kids have and find what they no longer play with and donate it to an organization that gives toys that have been gently used to children in need.

Checklist and Benefits for an Autumnal Adios!

Clean out your spaces.
Set aside things for donation.
Make room for new items.
Prepare your spaces early for a wonderful new year.
By removing clutter now, you free up time in March to do whatever you want rather than Spring cleaning like everyone else!
Remove the inevitable feeling of being overwhelmed at the beginning of next year by clearing your spaces now.
You’ll be ahead of the game in the event you have to host holiday company or unexpected guests.
If you clear out a closet you have somewhere to hide the presents until Christmas!
With Thanksgiving first on the agenda, by going through how much you have, you can gain a huge level of consciousness of how fortunate you are and how thankful you should feel.

It feels so wonderful to give to others from a heart that is overflowing with gratitude.

As the holiday season approaches, it is easy to feel like you don’t have enough. You wish you had more money for gifts to give to others, you are putting things on layaway for next year, your paychecks may be on hold because of a stupid government shutdown and it could seem like everything could be better.

But guess what. Everything already IS better, because when you go through all of the material things you have, you’ll see that those aren’t factors of importance.

The people you have around you who love you and only want to see and be with you – those people are priceless and it is only by removing the clutter from your life that you will unveil the magic that surrounds you at all times.

Be well. Be healthy. Be grateful. YOU are a miracle.

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