Today, and every day, let’s focus on sending powerful forces ahead of ourselves. If what we think about is what we bring about, then think about everything you want in your life and wish the same kinds of things to everyone you meet.

Do you hate when people don’t hold the door for you?
Start holding doors for others.

Do you hate when people seem to look right through you?
Stand your ground and be noticed.

Does it seem like no one greets you?
Take the initiative and greet others.

Do you wish you had more sources of love in your life?
Start loving what you have more to love will be given to you.

Do you wish people would appreciate you and your actions more?
Start saying “Thank you” with sincerity and for every reason you can think of.

Take a minute or two and take stock of your life. How bad is it? How great is it and do you know how great it is?

Are you a 3 year old Syrian refugee that is now orphaned by your own government?
Are you starving to death because you don’t have food to eat?
Are you ready to drink the water from a puddle on the street because you don’t have fresh water wells?
Did you wipe yourself with toilet paper recently or did you have to find other means like in some countries?
Did you wake to have a cup or two of coffee, to catch a gorgeous sunrise, or hear a violin the moment you woke?

Silence the noise. Turn off the news. Turn off the radio. Turn off the negativity. Focus on YOUR “here and now” and give thanks for what you have.

It is only by expressing gratitude for what you have that you will ever get more of what you want.

If you walk around each day thinking, “Man, my life sucks.” Guess what! It’s going to suck no matter what’s going on it because you have that point of view. Try thinking, “My life is amazing!” and think of reasons why it’s amazing.

Are you surrounded by your family?
Do you hear children laughing?
Do you see natural beauty and stop to marvel at the amazing things that happen ‘just because’?

Nature doesn’t struggle to create beauty and we shouldn’t either. Just take an honest look at what you have and be grateful. It’s easy!


©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2013 All Rights Reserved


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