How to Actually Achieve Goals You Set

Throughout our lives, it seems that we set so many goals and while we strive to achieve them, it’s fair to say that most of us experience more defeat than success when considering our goals. How is it that some people can set goals, plot out plans to achieve said goals and then actually follow through to achieve them?

Are they wired differently?
Do they have support systems?
Are their goals realistic?

While successful goal setting has been written about, talked about and studied about, it all comes down to the person setting the goal and how badly they want to achieve it. Some would say that if you aren’t really passionate about a goal that you are aiming for, the odds are against you when it comes to actually achieving it.

However, does passion for the goal even play a contributing role in your success?

If you have a goal that is specific, realistic and comprise actionable steps to achieve it as well as developing a network of support to ensure that you get to your goal, shouldn’t you achieve it? The notion that you have to “do it yourself” or without the help of others is nonsense. Have you ever heard, “It takes a village…”? Successful people are surrounded by groups of people assisting them in the achievement of their success at all times.

How about CEOs? They take credit for getting everything done, yet there are hundreds if not thousands of people under their leadership that contribute to the success of the CEO through multiple teams, departments, etc.

How about Weight Watchers? They provide a group atmosphere (at times) to get a bunch of like-minded people together under the leadership of one (the meeting leader) to develop and maintain optimal relationships with food and weight management. It is a highly effective method of support because if an individual walks out of the meeting feeling pumped up and ready to charge on their own personal goals, they have the support that the need to get where they want to be. If they have no other support systems in their lives, they can go to as many meetings per week as needed and continue to gain support, instead of weight.

How about a personal coach? Personal coaches (eh hem) provide private, one-on-one feedback and guidance to get clients to start loving the lives they’re living. Through getting to know clients pretty intimately (in a professional manner), the relationship between the client and coach develops into that of ultimate trust and safety. There is never any judgment, criticism or negative feedback. There is, however, an objective point of view presented to the client from someone who only wants to see the client develop their sense of “self” and gain personal empowerment to direct their life wherever they want to go.

When it comes to setting goals, make it easier on yourself to get where you need to be. My family had a meeting recently and we all made a pact that we would keep an eye on each other and help each other to keep eating well, move as much as possible and speak positively about ourselves. We have young, impressionable girls in our family and we practice being wonderful role models, teaching self-love, identifying and celebrating our unique qualities and being comfortable as we are.

By having a specific, realistic goal with some kind of support system around us, we would all achieve more and experience less defeat.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

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