You’re Free Today. Really? Thanks!

As we Americans prepare to celebrate our independence on Thursday, it is truly humbling to reflect on the many freedoms we have that we take for granted. Rather than being grateful for what we have and what we are able to strive for and achieve because we are allowed to be free thinkers, too many people just run their mouths about everything that is wrong or unjust. They run their mouths and gripe about all the things they don’t have rather than giving thanks for what they DO have.

All you have to do is turn on any television or read any news headline and it’s all negative. Negativity equates to drama and if it’s not dramatic, it doesn’t sell. So, would positivity sell if we chose to buy into that instead? Turn off the television, disable your news ‘push alerts’ and actively choose what to look at and what to disregard. Tune into that heartwarming YouTube video that has a dog saying, “I love you.” You can’t help but smile and laugh. When we laugh and when we smile, we emit a frequency of positivity that will strongly summon more situations and feelings of positivity into our lives. When we tune into the negativity and the drama, we are summoning more bad things and more “drama” into our lives.

Why do you need that?
Why do you thrive on it?
Why can’t you focus on your own life?

All of these reality shows and people being paid grandiose amounts of money to proclaim in a dramatic fashion that they are walking train wrecks – why do we watch? Are you that programmed to be so involved in the business of everyone else that you promote the business of the companies who endorse such behavior? Have you looked at the events in your life and thought, “Wow – someone should write a television show or a movie about MY life. That would be something crazy to see.” Did it ever occur to you that your life may be the way it is because you have tuned into that lifestyle of others and have paid it so much attention that it has manifested in your own life?

Be very choosey and very careful of what you pay attention to because whether consciously or unconsciously, if you invest your attention into anything, you are going to see more of how you feel towards your investment, “return” into your life. After all, you have the FREEDOM to do it.

Have you ever watched documentaries on people who live in other countries where the government controls everything they do, right down to how the people are allowed to THINK? Who the hell are you to tell me what I am allowed to think? Who the hell are you to tell me how I’m supposed to live and what I can do with my life? Sounds like an American to me. If I lived in any of those countries, I’d probably be dead in a matter of hours. It’s not that I shoot my mouth off, but if you know me, you know I don’t take kindly to being told what to do, let alone being told what I can and cannot do. It is because I expose my mind to the ways that others live that reminds me of how grateful I must be for the life I lead and the many freedoms I have.

In Venezuela they are scouring for toilet paper. This oil rich nation’s people cannot wipe themselves because the government has resorted to using toilet paper to control them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Don’t even get me started on Cuba. Are you truly grateful? Think of these few points:
Do you have to ration your food?
Do you have to go without so your kids can eat?
Do you have to sleep within four walls without a ceiling because the government set your roof on fire?
Do you have the freedom to live and think how you choose, and are you grateful for that ability?

Our world is filled with extreme amounts of negativity and oppression.


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