My Brain to My Blog – Ready to Dissect?

Heads up – this is not a short blog, it’s all over the place and it’s full of information that you may find useful. I felt a great itch to write and I dumped all of this out of my head, into a blog. Enjoy!

Sometimes I wonder what naturally thin people think about.

Do they think about food?
Do they constantly have thoughts of eating on their minds?
Do they worry that they won’t eat for a period of time?
Do they worry about overeating?
Do they fear being labeled “fat”?
Do they seek the approval of others and because of their need for approval, does that keep their eating in line?
Do they think they are bulletproof and can get away with eating whatever they want?
Because they’ve never been more than 10 pounds overweight or higher than their desired weight, do they have a strict policy with themselves that if they reach higher than their approved limit that they immediately cut all excess and get back to basics?

Just WHAT goes on in their heads!? I’m dying to know.

Many of us have a daily struggle with food. Heck, most of us have an HOURLY struggle with food. What to pick, how much to eat, what to eat later, etc. Does it seem to an outsider to this type of thinking that there is something wrong with people who think like I do? Some days are better than others, but a lot of the time, there are constant thoughts about food. Just seeing someone eating provokes the thought, the desire, the shared yearning to be included in the event.

Is it all just about thought or does it have to do with being conditioned to want what we don’t naturally desire? The folks in charge of marketing processed foods are very aware of the human thought processes when it comes to eating and design their marketing campaigns and food construction around the way we think and what they think we should desire. Food construction? Yes. Something that doesn’t occur naturally has to be built or constructed, thus we have food construction; taking all kinds of random elements and combining them together to create crap we call “food”.

We are ambushed, we are targeted, we are studied, we are analyzed, we are tracked and we are labeled – all by people trying to push their product, which in this case, is food.

The sad part about it all is that most of us are blind to this, are unaware or choose not to care. As Americans, we are conditioned to “trust” and “abide by” the FDA – hah! Curious as to why I’m scoffing? Get educated. Watch a few of the documentaries out there about how what you eat every day is “created” or should I say, “constructed.” It’s disgusting. And what’s even more disgusting is that agencies that have been created to regulate foods and drugs that are deemed “safe for consumption by humans” are mostly the opposite. Most people are ignorant of the fact that FDA regulates both food and drugs – meaning that if they allow foods to be constructed to make us sick that the same organization has a pill or remedy for that – for a price. That’s right – it’s all about money. So, let’s make people sick, give them a need for medication, and then sell them the medication so our organization can double-dip and make huge profits. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. Don’t believe me? Do your due diligence and prove otherwise. Let’s discuss later.

It’s not our faults that we are addicted to food. Food manufacturers of non-organic food have done many studies that conclude that certain additives in food boost our serotonin levels as well as other satiety glands and have engineered their foods to wire us into being habitual users of a necessary drug. After all, you have to EAT to LIVE, right?

Here’s my conclusive evidence and yes, it really is this simple:

When you eat a bag of M&Ms, what do you want afterward?


When you eat a plate of plain broccoli, what do you want afterward?

NOTHING! Well, maybe a beverage. Or maybe some M&Ms. Kidding!

When we eat foods that occur naturally, IN NATURE, without the additives, we reach satisfaction and we do not achieve the point of addiction. When we eat foods that are ENGINEERED, with the additives, we never reach satisfied, are always craving more and when we can’t help but act on our cravings, we feel guilty, which then leads to eating MORE!

WAKE UP! THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE! IT’S DESIGNED THAT WAY! THEIR BUSINESS OBJECTIVE IS TO SELL AT ALL COSTS! You sell more when you make people addicted. Just ask Phillip Morris.

Wake up. Become aware of what you’re eating. Read the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce it, look it up. Google it. Bing it. Do whatever you like – but ACTIVELY CHOOSE what you will eat. Don’t allow yourself to be unconsciously victimized!

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