Taxing Laws

As we approach the U.S. tax deadline, (that’s your reminder to file or get an extension if you haven’t done so already) we’re given yet another time during the year to reflect on our lives and the year that has just passed.

What did you earn?

What did you give?

What did you get back?

In numerous ways, life is like taxes. We go through each year collecting our income and we give throughout the year only to expect that we get a little bit back at the end of the year when it’s time to file a return for a refund.

How big of a refund do you want?

It’s interesting – a refund is money given back when one has overpaid or has not been given proper service or goods for the original amount paid. A return is a profit on one’s initial investment. If you want a bigger “refund” at the time of filing your tax return, put in more throughout the year to get more back. If you want to just give what the government says you’re required to, you can expect a big refund all you want, but don’t be so surprised when it’s not as big as it could have been. This usually leads to complaints that the system is flawed (which it may very well be but that’s another blog) and more shared thoughts of negativity than positivity. If all of the negative people get together and gripe and complain, their collective frequency is emitting pure negativity and their lives will all receive negativity in its infinite forms.

The Law of Attraction is similar to the U.S. Tax system. What you contribute to, you receive. The level of your contribution determines the abundance of what you receive. What you think about, you get. It’s really that simple. If you think more positive, productive thoughts throughout the year, you’ll get a life full of positive, productive abundance that will blow your mind. If you do the bare minimum and subscribe to the ideology that you don’t have to give quite so much to get everything you want, you will live in a permanent state of not giving enough to get what you want which will always leave you jaded and dissatisfied with your life.

However, if you want a bigger “refund” or “return”- put in more positivity throughout your life to get more back.

Contribute to yourself. Give thanks for everything you appreciate in your life from the way your toothbrush keeps your teeth cavity-free to the money that flows easily and frequently into your life to provide everything you want. Enjoy the rewards and the return of positive investments and start believing that the life you want exists; it’s just on the other side of your thoughts. If you think negatively, what you want gets pushed farther away from you. If you think positively, what you want comes closer and closer.

You can have everything you want in life. Ask for what you want, believe it is yours and live your life like you’ve already received. Combine that with unwavering faith and watch the magic unfold.


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