How to Manage a Buffet

People often ask me if I go to buffets and my answer is, “Absolutely!”

Isn’t that hard? How do you do it?

The important thing to remember about a buffet is that you have to go into it with understanding if you are to come out of it with victory.

When you go to any restaurant, you are seated, given a menu and asked for your drink order. The same happens at a buffet, except the menu isn’t on paper – it’s live and in living color.

I thrive at buffets. Think about it:

• You control your serving size.
• You don’t have to worry about a plate coming out of the kitchen that is enough for three people.
• You can see everything before you choose to eat there. Every buffet (I have yet to visit one that does not) allows you to do a walk-through prior to being seated so you can decide if you want to eat there. Absolutely do your due diligence and do your walk-through if you’ve never been there before.
• You can get as much as you want of whatever you want for one price.

A Word of Caution

While buffets are blessings in disguise, I feel the need to remind you that it is a buffet and you do have all the necessary components to go overboard if you happen to battle a food addiction or have a daily struggle to manage your weight.

The joy of a buffet is that you get to keep going back until you’ve had enough. If you know you like to get up multiple times, take less each time you go up. It’s okay for there to be some white space on your plate and for your foods not to touch each other. You’re paying the same as you would for a restaurant that would serve you from a menu order, so why sacrifice the presentation of your meal? Don’t pile your food on your plates and don’t act like it’s the last time you’re going to eat. If you arrive extremely hungry, go right to the vegetables first so their fiber content can quickly go to work to take the edge off.

My trick to ensuring that I don’t overeat at buffets is that I hunt down the salad plates and I use that stack of plates for everything. I get to go up just as much as everyone else, but I’m honest with myself and I know that I have a tendency to fill my plate; therefore, if my plate is smaller, I can still fill it without stuffing myself.

Follow Johnny’s Rules of Buffets™ and eat your way to success!

1. WITHOUT a plate, walk the entire buffet and see what your choices are, making mental notes of the most enticing things you see.
2. Grab the salad plate and go directly to the most enticing things you saw and spatially place them on your plate. The salad plate can usually be found by the seafood or dessert bars. Most restaurants have the entrée plate, the medium plate or “salad” plate and the super-small plate for desserts.
3. Go sit down.
4. Slowly eat the foods you have chosen, sip your beverage and allow your server to remove your plate when you’re finished. DO NOT TAKE THE SAME PLATE BACK UP TO THE BUFFET – IT’S AGAINST HEALTH CODE!
5. Repeat 2-4.

Buffets can kill your best efforts or afford you the opportunity to be victorious. It’s always up to you. Proper planning in the smallest way can help you immensely in the long run.


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