Interior Luminescence

How bright is your inner light? Are you dim? Red hot? White hot?

You can gauge the kelvin temperature of your wattage by looking in a mirror. If you catch yourself at a moment of blank staring, complacency or stillness – you have your answer. Would you like to be an incandescent light bulb or someone white hot with potential and intention?

When you are out and about, how do you stand? Do you haunch over, displaying your insecurities to the world? Are you very tall and self-conscious of your height? Be proud you’re as tall as you are – stand up! If you aren’t so tall but consider yourself to be of an average height, don’t stand like you’re average. Stand up! Stand there like everyone in the room should want to know who you are. Make them curious about who you are and why they should care that you’re standing there.

Many times, I have been bumped into, walked into, stepped on, backed up into, had doors slammed in my face instead of being held open for me and even been nearly run over while crossing a street in a designated crosswalk. I kept asking myself why this continued to happen. Surely, it’s because people are idiots and they are so self-centered that they are oblivious to everyone and everything around them. Life just revolves around them and no one else matters, right? Actually, no.

Being the analyst that I am, I began to study the best records of my feelings – my journals. More times than not, I had a negative image of myself, my circumstances and my beliefs.

When I felt negatively about myself, I didn’t really want to know me. I didn’t care if I existed or was visible to others. I was okay with fading into the background and just observing life happening around me.

So, why did people keep acting as if I wasn’t there?

My energy was strongly emitting a frequency of invisibility, not visibility. My emitted energy was on a different frequency than the people I was around. Take dogs, for example. They can hear the dog whistle while humans can’t. It’s on a different frequency.

When we suppress the feeling energy that we emit, others can’t detect us, except those who are also on our lower frequency.

When I didn’t proclaim my existence and my value to myself, I suppressed it and lowered my frequency.
When I am absolutely loving life, feel inspired and consciously exuding great levels of self-confidence, people notice.

They notice my presence, they feel my energy, they acknowledge that I’m standing there, they hold doors open for me and in many ways, they show me that I am worthy of their attention.

Let me clarify – it is not that I am looking to them to establish my self-worth. It is only when one establishes their own value that the world will remit the equivalent. John C. Maxwell wrote in his book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Personal Growth, (I’m loosely quoting him because I don’t have the exact quote in front of me) that, if you do not value yourself, the world will not raise the price.

Your personal value and worth comes from you. It doesn’t come from money, your accomplishments, where you’ve traveled or anything else. It comes from your beliefs and opinions of you. If you don’t think you’re worthy, you aren’t. If you think you are worthy, on whatever level you believe that, others will too. People see what’s in front of them, assess it and judge – judge in the sense that they determine if what they’re looking at is worth their time or not. Be worth your time. Believe you’re as worthy as you are. Expect people to treat you how you hope they’ll treat you and prepare to be amazed.


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