The C.H.A.S.E

Have you ever been given the directive, “chase your dreams”? Great sentiment, but what does that mean?

Don’t give up?
Fight the good fight?
Go for it?
Embrace positivity and discard negativity?

I guess it depends on who you ask. If you ask me, it can be encompassed in my anagram, C.H.A.S.E.:

C – Conceptualize. Give some thought to what you want; a lot of thought. Like, all you can think about, kind of thought. What do you dream of doing, being, having, seeing, over and over again?

H – Hear your self-talk. After you spend your time thinking, do you then spend time trashing your hopes and dreams? Do you think of all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do something versus the reasons why you should pursue it? Hear your self-talk and hear if what you’re saying to yourself about your wants and desires is positive and conducive to your personal growth or if it is negative and destructive. You may need to make a change, pronto.

A – Appreciate your abilities. A great percentage of my coaching practice is devoted to developing the self-esteem of my clients. So many people are good at so many things, but most people don’t realize it. In the book, The Answer by John Assaraf and Murray Smith, they say that by the time you’re seventeen years old, you’ve heard “no you can’t” about 150,000 times. You’ve heard, “yes you can” about 5000 times. That’s 30 “no’s” for every “yes.” No wonder so many people grow up lacking confidence!

S – Specify what you want. When you get specific, you get intentional. When you have intent, you have ambition. When you are ambitious, you can achieve anything you want. First, you must condition your mind to permit you to have whatever it is that you want. The more specific you get about what you want, (there is no limit to how specific you can be, so really go for it) the more stunned you will be to know that when it appears in your life it will be because you have attracted it to yourself through your own specifications.

E – Excel beyond your own limits. The only limits that exist in life are the limits that we place on ourselves. Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Instead of asking if you can do something, ponder the question of how it can be done. Don’t pose the inquiry of how with a scoff – pose the question and let your mind get busy to find you the answers. If you keep your how inquiries close to you and you pay them intended attention on a daily basis, the answers will arrive and you’ll notice – because you’ll simultaneously increase your awareness.

You are important.
You matter.
You are a gift to the world.

Maybe that’s the first time you’ve ever heard that and it’s probably coming from a complete stranger. However, you are enough, as you are, right now, today. Always strive to grow, to be better and to be open to learning new things at all times. We don’t come into this life knowing everything and we certainly don’t know everything by the time we move on to the next one, but make sure you make the most of your time here. Be the best “you” that you can be – don’t compare yourself to others; just compare yourself to the “you” you once were. Have you grown? Have you changed? Are you on your way? Within questions lie answers. Within answers are gifts that keep on giving – that is, if you appreciate them enough to share them with others.


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