How High Can You Go?

Today is March 1st and it is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and assess where you are in your life. While every day is the perfect day for this activity, it’s a little easier to formulate when it’s the first of the month. We’re now two months into 2013 and my question to you today is, “Are you any closer to the goals you set when it was January 1st?”

Depending on how you answer that, think of What daily activities do you participate in that support the goals that you set. Did you even set goals? Were you someone that didn’t want to set a “resolution” because it’s cliché? Goal setting is crucial for growth and I can help you do that!

“Every day is a brand new chance for you to aim high and fly; it’s only when we get caught up in the clouds that we lose sight of how high we can soar.” – Johnny Potrekus

Big, white, fluffy clouds are a lot more fun than dark, deep purple, storm-filled cumulonimbus clouds. Go faithfully toward your infinite horizon and be selective of the cloud formations you want to play in. If you aim high today and get caught up in some clouds, just keep moving forward.

Eventually you will clear the clouds to see that the only thing in your way is an infinite horizon.


How are you living? Are you fulfilling your potential? Do you believe you can be better than you are? Let’s get together and see how I can help you achieve your dreams. You can spend your time as fast or as slowly as you need to – call today to schedule your FREE 30 MINUTE MEET & GREET!

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