Unconditional Growth and Happiness

“I will be happy when I lose weight.”
“I will feel good when my house is clean.”
“I will be happy when we win the lottery.”
“I can’t write a blog because I don’t know where to start.”
“I would love to start a new venture but it’s just not the right time.”
“I am afraid of making mistakes.”
“I would love to but I have to find the best way to do that before I begin.”
“I don’t feel like doing it. I’ll wait until I feel like it; maybe later.”
“I thought it would be easier than this.”
“Others are better at it than I am.”

Do any of these sound familiar?

Happiness does not come from success – success comes from happiness.

Putting conditions on your happiness will deter you from ever being happy. Happiness is a choice, regardless of circumstance. This is proven every day by all kinds of people in all kinds of circumstances. Have you ever met someone whom you felt needed a hand in life and you felt pity for them, but were surprised to see how bright their spirit was and how happy they were? Happiness is a choice – not a result.

“But what about things that make me happy?” You have it backwards.

“Things” do not make us “happy”. Things provide us with thoughts, thoughts produce feelings and feelings produce the frequencies that attract more of what we feel to us. Hence, people who think of being happy and actually are happy will in turn receive more life circumstances and things in their lives to keep them thinking happy thoughts which produce happy feelings!

If you disagree, try to deduce how it all works – you’ll soon see that what I’m saying makes perfect sense.

Conditional Progress™ is personal progress that is conditional or based on the existence of circumstances deemed necessary for progress to occur by the individual seeking said progress. It is this kind of progress that is deceiving and ultimately results in disappointment because of its structure.

Working toward goals laden with conditions only helps you succeed in defeating the achievement of that goal.

For example, I have a friend who is trying to get a blog going. He’s probably reading this right now, (Hi ) and he keeps putting conditions on committing to his efforts. He is a perfectionist; he requires the finality of the blog to exist before he starts writing, he has to determine his material before he begins to write on any particular topic and he, essentially, is standing in his own way when it comes to producing fantastic material. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! JUST START WRITING! So what if you don’t know how to post it to your blog site. So what if you’re not sure how to add pictures or video. Compose your material in an open document on your computer and when you learn the other steps, post it! Forget your ideal order of what needs to be in place for you to do things “ideally.” JUST. DO. IT.

When we say, “Later…” we are killing our dreams. If you wait for motivation to kick in, you’re going to be waiting for a long time. Motivation is unreliable. It exists here and there and is inconsistent. If we only did things when we were motivated, think about how much wouldn’t get done. As far as the things you dread doing but have to do anyway, think about what you enjoy because of those things and how happy you should be to do your part to continue enjoying your life conveniences.

“I hate paying bills.” But, you enjoy the purchases you’ve made, the services you’ve received and the conveniences you have, right? Be grateful. Pay the bill and be happy that your life is so great.
“I hate taking out the trash.” But, you enjoy when your house is clean and doesn’t smell like rotting waste, right?
“I hate cleaning the bathroom.” But, you enjoy taking hot showers and using a toilet, right? Be grateful. Think of how many people bathe in ice cold rivers and ‘make’ in fields, streets and large dumping grounds, no pun intended. Heck, be grateful for that TP, people! It could be a pine cone! OUCH!

Conditions are limits and putting them on yourself is unfair and not what life is about. You are unlimited, unbounded and unlike anyone else. Think about what you want, feel how great it feels to have what you want right now even if it’s not yours yet and live your life in a permanent state of gratitude. Gratitude is the universal multiplier and to he who is grateful, abundance will come. Be forever grateful, live abundantly always. That’s just how it works.


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