“Pause for Positivity”™

The other day, I wrote about the Law of Attraction and “thinking” your life into existence. It’s important to understand that there is a sequence to this that you must understand before you can fill your life with thought manifestations.

First, you have to be aware of what you’re feeling. Feelings are the dominant force behind our thoughts and it’s impossible to feel good and think bad thoughts, just like it’s impossible to feel badly and think good thoughts. To find out how you feel, simply ask yourself. “How am I feeling?” Your mind has no choice but to start the process of providing you with answers!

Depending on how you feel, you need to follow that with positive reinforcement to ensure that you either keep feeling good or that you take yourself away from the negative and get to positive.

One great way to do this is a “Pause for Positivity”™. Make a list of the things, people, places, foods, material things, etc., that you love and refer to the list when you need a boost or reinforcement. The items on the list should be things that instantly make you smile, feel good, feel amazing, feel happy, joyous, excited, passionate – any emotion that is positive!

Once you have your full list, make a cheat sheet. This is a more condensed version with the ultimate Top 10 things that completely alter your mood. You can keep this list on a memo note on your cell phone, on a piece of paper in your pocket or in a saved email that you can access while on the go. Any way that you can boost your emotions to bring you to the highest level of happiness and gratitude possible, do it!

Once you become familiar with practicing the “Pause for Positivity”™, take it a step further with analyzing your day and the reasons why the good feelings suddenly took dives throughout the day. It’s important to know when your day turns to caca so you can see what you put you in such a caca position to start with!

Keep your eyes on my blog for future entries on this process so you can personally develop better self-awareness, enthusiasm, confidence, happiness and the life you’ve always deserved to live!


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One thought on ““Pause for Positivity”™

  1. Great post! Excellent motivational message. I will put my “top ten” in my cell phone today. This post is well written, very strong and poignant!

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