Stop the Self-Loathing

I’m sure we’ve all had this person in our lives – the one who is never satisfied with anything they do. No matter what they achieve, they are never enough. They never achieve enough, their self-worth is low and limited and they are constantly disappointed by achieving more, yet never becoming happier or more worthy.


No matter who this person is and what they achieve on a daily basis or even the milestones they reach, why are they never satisfied?

It’s all in how they think. If this person thinks that happiness comes from success, they are being set up for disappointment. Success comes from happiness – not the other way around. What you think about, you bring about. If you feel more passionately about your failures versus your achievements, you are essentially saying that you want more failures.

The Law of Attraction brings you what you give the highest, most intense feelings about.

If you feel that today is going to be a bad day and you focus on that sustained thought long enough, surprise surprise – the day brings one thing after another to support how you’re feeling. However, if you passionately believe that today is and will continue to be a great day, just watch the magic unfold.

There’s a catch though.

You can only bring more of what you want to you by noticing when what you’ve asked for is being delivered.

If you have the thought of, “Imagine if I had a BMW”, and moments later a BMW whizzes by you and you don’t notice that you drew it to you, you’ll never understand how close you are to acquiring it. It doesn’t have to be a BMW, but that’s just an example.

The game of awareness gets more fun the more specific you get.

When you specify a bright red, 2013 BMW 335i with light leather interior and it goes flying by – GET EXCITED – YOU drew it to you! There aren’t too many red ones being driven around, so the odds of you seeing one without consciously thinking of seeing one aren’t overwhelming.

Think of something unique that you want and believe that you will see it or have it or witness it in whatever capacity you choose. Finally, eyes up and open – do everything you can to increase your awareness so when you see what you want, you’ll know that YOU did that.

Be selective with your thinking and your feelings. Give energy and passion for what you want while simply turning away from what you don’t.

Completely ignore anything that doesn’t make you feel good and if you must deal with it, choose the most positive approach to dealing with it.

If negativity has no place in your life, your life must be full of the only alternative – positivity!


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