HoliDAYs. HoliWEEKENDS. HoliWEEKS. Holi-moly!

How often do you splurge on a food or beverage that you enjoy in the spirit of a holiday? Some would say they have their fun solely on the holiday and then get right back to their routines of whatever they do the next day.

There are some others who turn the day into two, thus being referred to as holi-weekends. Then there are folks who take it a step even further and they have holi-weeks. Let’s examine the structure of the holi-week.

The holiDAY was on a Wednesday or Thursday. The festivities left the victims of the holiday feeling the effects the day after, which called for more of what began to hurt them. The next day is either Friday or the weekend.

Well, forgetting that we just had a holiday, the mentality of the usual end-of-the-work-week sets in and it’s time to party. We forego any previously planned evening at home with a salad and workout dvd, which we’d planned “because we were having our fun on the holiday” and then we go out for dinner and drinks!

That soon turns into the rest of the “weekend” mentality of deserving to relax and eat and drink whatever we want because it’s “the weekend.”

Before you know it, it’s Monday and we are not in the mood to get back on the horse or wagon and we grab the breakfast pastry at Starbucks, go out for pizza for lunch and maybe even top it off with a carby, salt-laden dinner to seal the deal.

Tuesday comes and instead of being a day of new beginnings and recognition of our behaviors, we beat ourselves up because we have continuous epiphanies that we cannot win the battles with our bulges.

Which, finally, brings us to Wednesday, officially one week later, and what was supposed to be 24 hours of fun and celebration has turned into 168 hours of hell on a spiral.

HoliDAYS are ONE DAY. When the sun rises to signify the next day, you need to stop the behaviors you temporarily adopted and RESUME the behaviors you had prior to your slip.

It’s not starting over – let me be clear – you just pick up where you left off and RESUME your efforts.

RESUME is like releasing the PAUSE button. When you press PLAY, you’re not only progressing but you’re PLAYING – make it enjoyable! If it’s not enjoyable, you won’t do it!

Continue to hold yourself accountable, continue to make wise choices, continue to exercise and continue to PLAY.

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