Where is the love?

Before you roll your eyes because you don’t have a valentine this year, hear me out. During the anticipatory period leading up to Valentine’s Day each year, I constantly hear people complaining about how this holiday is purely commercial and doesn’t really mean anything. Others proclaim that every day should be Valentine’s Day – a daily celebration of the love between people and that it shouldn’t be concentrated into one day.

THAT IS SO NEGATIVE! Let’s talk about the love. Where is it?

Where is the optimism?
Where is the joy?
Where is the admiration?
Where is the gratitude?
Where is the abundance of love?

Yes, V-Day HAS been about love, romance and hot passionate fire between couples. But, why can’t we spin it a little?

How about you take today and think about all the love in your life?
WHO do you love?
WHAT do you love?
WHERE do you love to be?
HOW do you express your love for those people, places and things?
WHY do you love what you love?
WHEN do you give love?

When you pair love with gratitude, you will receive an abundance of love and gratitude back to you. When you fill your life with love, no matter what or who it’s for, it comes back to you; meaning there will be more of it in your future. If you give negative feelings toward love and are ungrateful, even what you have (if it’s not what you really want) will be taken from you.

When you catch a cold, or the flu, did you give thanks and feel love for the times you felt healthy?

When you wish people would do nice things for you and it seems like no one ever does, how often do you give to others just because it makes you feel good, without expecting anything in return?

When you gain weight and you emit negative feelings about it, how much did you express love for the body you had that carried less weight?

The process of receiving more starts with YOU. You have to go first – it’s always your move.

If you appreciate and are grateful – more will come to you. If you scoff and are not grateful, even what little you may think you have will be taken from you.

If that still hasn’t hit you, and you’re reading this thinking, “Yeah – you’re only saying that because you probably have someone.” Indeed I do. I have THE BEST someone. But, it wasn’t until I met that someone that I began to truly let go of hatred and pity I had for myself and began to love me – for all the reasons that he does. If my mom hadn’t shared the secret to life with me, I’d still be battling depression and dreading every day.

To change the way you feel, just add more love. When a glass of water is mostly empty and you feel limited because you’re almost out, all you have to do to change the way you feel is to ADD MORE WATER. Just ADD MORE LOVE to YOU – all of the who, what, where, why, how and when – start with YOU and the powerful feelings of what you love will spill over into other areas of your life to change it into your best life ever!

So on this day to celebrate love, challenge yourself to find what you love in your life and start the process. I agree with the complainers – every day SHOULD celebrate love!

If you lack love, you limit yourself. Fill your glasses and raise them with cheers!


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