Much like a company that goes through growing pains and changes, we navigate through our lives looking for ways to better our images, refresh and rejuvenate our interests and redevelop ourselves for what life has coming next.

Personally, I have been spending a lot of time developing “me.” I have been working on my own self-awareness, my own identity and reflecting a lot on my own life.

Professionally, I have been spending a lot of time developing the future of TeamJohnny, Inc. TeamJohnny was originally formed to act as a community forum for folks discussing weight-related issues, struggles and victories. In 2009 when TeamJohnny was born, it was a cute little baby that would soon turn out to be an energetic toddler and would then morph into its current identity, a 3 ½ year old trying new things and being less afraid of the unknown.

TeamJohnny, Inc. is officially 1 year old now (the “incorporated” version, that is) and in the past year I have had the absolute privilege to work with numerous amazing individuals and teams of people who all had the same goal – changing their lives for the better. While I opened my company with the intention of coaching people on weight-related matters, a year later it is evident that even though I have helped numerous clients lose hundreds of pounds, weight management isn’t really what I want to focus on anymore. Well, at least not solely.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have spent a lot of time lately reflecting – primarily on the success of my company and the success of my clients. My clients’ success is my success – when they succeed, I succeed. Through previous employment entities, I had limits bestowed upon me as far as what lengths I could go to when advising, counseling or guiding clients. I grew tired of always having to abide by the principles and practices of corporate cultures and knew that there was a huge flaw in the system – a lack of personal care. So often I heard that people didn’t feel cared for or that they were just a number and even though I met with 1,000+ people per week, everyone I met felt cared for and I made sure of it. Just ask them. I wasn’t popular for my looks (ok, maybe a little, lol) but I was popular because I truly cared about the personal success of every single person I encountered.

While reflecting, I also discovered that by being so specific in my specialty of weight management coaching, I was missing out on a vast spectrum of other coaching.

That spectrum is Personal Development.

Yes, my clients have lost weight. Woohoo! Yet, they’ve done more than just lose weight. They have taken serious note of their senses of ‘self’; their behaviors, their wants, their desires, their habits, their actions, their responsibilities and how much they control their lives.

Noticing this made me realize that I do so much more than help people lose and maintain weight – I help people develop their identities!

It is with these findings that I would like to announce in this blog posting that TeamJohnny, Inc. has begun its metamorphosis. By the end of February, TeamJohnny will morph from just weight management to International Personal Development Coaching.

The aim of Personal Development is to coach folks on developing their self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-confidence, sense of identity, improving quality of life, discovering their limitless potential and so much more!

Through my coaching, clients will experience my stimulating coaching style which will have me asking some hard questions, helping them face some buried truths and receiving superior, personal support in their efforts to become the best versions of themselves, ever!

This is quite an exciting time for TeamJohnny, Inc. and I ask for your patience and support as I update my website, rates, FAQs, etc. If you haven’t done so yet, head over to and “Like” it, follow me on Twitter @teamjohnnyusa, and be sure to subscribe to this blog so you can always be “in the know.”

While I spearhead this huge change, please help me help some people you know that could benefit from working with me. I have no shame – I’m asking for your referrals. Who do you know that seems to need some direction? Is all over the place? In need of a coach to build up their self-esteem and self-confidence? I’m your guy – I work internationally via Skype and Facetime so no matter who, no matter where, let’s talk! Thank you for helping to make my first officially incorporated year with TeamJohnny, Inc. incredible! Here’s to many more! Cheers!

Go Team!
Twitter @teamjohnnyusa

©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2013. All rights reserved.



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