Put Your Mind to It…and then what?

When you believe in yourself, anything is possible. From the beginning of your life, you’ve had people telling you how much you can achieve if you just, “put your mind to it.” That’s nice. However, there’s a vital component missing from that motivator. The how.

How do I do it though? If I ‘put my mind to it’? What does that mean? Do I simply have to just think about what I want to achieve and nothing else? Do I have to learn something in particular in order to do what I want to do?

Put my mind to…what?

Have you ever really given this directive some thought? If you haven’t, now is the best time to put your mind to it. Hah! Seriously – I think it means that when we think about something we want with strong feelings, we are emitting a signal, if you will, that we want it. Has this ever happened to you? Most of us identify with something negative with this example, so let’s start with that. When you get a bad feeling or you start to worry about a big bill coming or a co-worker you just dread seeing at work, etc., does your stomach start to churn and ache to the point of being nearly ill?

If so, you’re emitting an extremely strong signal to the universe toward that particular thought. Good or bad, you’re thinking about it with physically altering emotion or feeling that it’s drawing that circumstance to you at rapid speed. Now, thinking of that in the negative, let’s take it to the positive. Think of something that brought you immeasurable joy, that physically altered your body, where your emotions were felt fully – not just in your mind. Feel that. Use your sense memory to feel how strong that frequency is.

Got it? Now take that feeling and think of the positive things you want. Maybe you want a new house, a new car, a new relationship, a new job, a new opportunity, the ability to retire tomorrow…I could go on and on. What do you really want? Don’t be afraid to think about what you truly want and to dream that it is possible. Dreams are thoughts and as we’ve seen time and time again, thoughts…become…things. What you think about, you bring about. If you examine your life and you see that it happens mostly with negative things and fewer positive, that should just clearly show you that you’ve obviously spent more time thinking of the negative than the positive. It’s not too late – you can change how you think and you can change how you feel. You can feel however you choose to feel. You can have whatever life you choose to have. Your fate is not etched in stone. In fact, the best thing probably etched in stone is what’s on the emerald tablet – roughly, that which is above is the same as that which is below, created by one main source. The source is Love. Pull your energy from that for it is the most powerful, creative energy force in the universe.

Going back to the original point – “Put your mind to it.” The universe and everything we have today, every noun (person, place, thing), adjective (how), verb (action), adverb (the how of the action) and other parts of speech – everything stems from thought. For me, today, put your mind to it equates to thoughts become things. All you have to do to have the life you dream of, is think. If you don’t think, you’re not dreaming, and if you’re not dreaming, you’re not aiming for something better than auto-pilot or wherever you are now. Dare to dream and think the thoughts that will bring you a tomorrow comparable to a fantasy.




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