Be Self-Conscious!

Huh? Be self-conscious? Why!? I’ll tell you. By being self-conscious, you’re aware of yourself and what you say, do, and how you act. If you are not self-conscious, you can’t pay attention to how you treat others, how you treat yourself and how you direct your life.

If there are people you shy away from in your life because their “energy” just counteracts yours, my first question is, “Do you know what your energy, powers?”

Do you exude positive or negative energy?
Do you exude self-confidence?
Do you go through life with your head down hoping to get through the day without being seen?
Do you care what others think about you?
Do you know what you want from your life – honestly? I’m not talking about what everyone in your life has told you to want or believe you’re able to do and have – but what do you really want?
What do you dream about?
What do you wish when you wish upon a star?

When you wish upon a star, you may not wonder what you are – but I do. I wonder about me and I also wonder about you. I have to. But, why?

I have to wonder about me because then I am consciously thinking about me, what I want, what I strive for, what direction I want my life to go in and on the other side, I wonder about you for the same reasons. But, I also wonder if you understand how valuable you are to the world and how precious your life is.

So many people that make up the world population do not comprehend their full potential and only a few of us live up to it. So many people are raised without parents, and if they are fortunate enough to have parents, they may not have parents who actively care about the growth and development of them. These kids who do not receive as much love and attention and empowerment as they should, grow up to become people who lack confidence, do not believe in themselves and believe that life on Earth is a sentence rather than an unlimited existence just waiting to be filled with every hope and dream that every one of us can conjure up.

If your upbringing was everything but fantastic – I challenge you to wake up. Get conscious! Get conscious of your “self”, of your life, of your wants, of your desires, of your dreams, of your potential, of your unlimited bounty of wishes just waiting to come true. Your wishes come true, based on one thing – your personal belief that they will.

So, when you wish upon a star and wonder what you are, wonder without limitations, wonder big, wonder beautifully and empower yourself to wonder what awesomeness today will bring. Together, we can achieve everything!

TeamJohnny – supporting you all the way, all the time.


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