Starting/Continuing Your Fitness Endeavors


Did you know that the first 6 weeks to 6 months is the hardest period and the time period that most people quit their efforts at working out?

According to AFAA (The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) that statement is very accurate, as well as the fact that 50% of people new to exercise drop out within the first 6 months. People start changing their ways but they are not truly prepared for a 6 month commitment. We all think (before we know the truth) and wish that we’ll achieve results more quickly.

Knowing this, it is so important to develop your self-efficacy which is the inner confidence you have about your ability to accomplish a given task. It is all so important that during this process, you have a personal trainer, coach, or some other support system that helps you recognize and strive for realistic expectations.

Make a goal to get lean in ’13! I’m right there with you, supporting you, all the way, all the time.



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