Listening to Your Body



You know how you push yourself to get through the day when you start to feel sick? Or how about after having major surgery – that whole mentality that you could fly if you wanted to? First of all, calm down – you’re probably really medicated so the flying is out of the question. We get antsy. We get to the point where we expect our bodies to have dealt with the ailments so we can move on with our business.

Sometimes, it’s just not like that, I’m sorry to inform you! When your body gives you a lecture, you better listen! So often the warning signs of future ailments and conditions are foreshadowed through the events of your life and you will end up on your back and out of commission for a while if you fail to heed the warnings.

How can you prevent sickness and disease? You know the answers to these! Must we go through them? I have a better idea. Take a look at your lifestyle.

 What do you eat?

How much water do you drink?

How much alcohol do you drink?

How much sugar soda do you drink?

How much diet soda do you drink?

How much sugar do you eat?

How much protein do you eat? (Remember – you don’t have to eat meat to eat protein!)

How carbohydrate-loaded is your daily diet?

How clean are your intestines?


Take a look at that last one. How clean are your intestines? Have you ever done an intestinal cleanse? Mind you, an intestinal cleanse is not the same as a colon cleanse or any other cleanse you may have done. All digestion is done in the small intestine and most auto-immune diseases are born in the small intestine as well. How do we change this? With aloe vera gel!

I’ve been using a few products made by Forever Living Products since last May and I can honestly tell you – I never knew how crappy I felt until I felt phenomenal. You can have your Jamie Lee Curtis and your Activia yogurt to “balance your digestive system” – but unless you’re on an aloe regimen, you’re most likely not balancing the acidity of your stomach (your pH level) and that feeling of being “out of whack” looks like irregularity, irritable bowel, constipation, etc.

If you would like to know what it’s like to have your body work like it’s supposed to, talk to me. I can guide you toward feeling better rather immediately. Personally, from drinking this stabilized aloe vera gel, or as some of us call it, nature’s miracle, my permanent sense of bloat has disappeared, I’m so regular it’s like clockwork (AND YOU TOTALLY WANTED TO KNOW THAT!), my body can absorb the vitamins I consume and my body WORKS LIKE IT’S SUPPOSED TO!


Yours could too! It’s worth your inquiry. What do you have to lose except some excess shhhhh….?


Check into your health, your body, how often you’re sick and everything else that contributes to your life and really ask yourself if you’re giving yourself the best you can. Well? Are you?




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