13 Things to Conquer in ’13 – Day 12

Messy desk

Day 12 – Your Messy Desk!

Most of us have two – one at work and one at home. Most office desks are horrendously messy and the reason being that the desks are covered with work to do. This is good! You’re employed! This is also frustrating when you want to find something time-sensitive and you can’t! Or what about when you take vacation or if you’re out sick one day and a co-worker has to sit at your desk to get something done for your boss? Remember – you don’t live at your job. I know it may seem that way at times, but it’s only temporary. After all, you will retire someday, right? Even as questionable as retirement may seem to some, go forth with that in mind and ready your space so that on any given day anyone could sit down and get to work. The beautiful part about that for those of you with jobs that may offer opportunities for advancement – if you are so good at your job that you are irreplaceable, you will be irreplaceable and you will stay in that position forever. Be great at everything you do, at every level!

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