13 Things to Conquer in ’13 – Day Nine

Sorry for the delay – it WAS Christmas! 🙂



Day 9 – Your Exercise Regimen

Do you exercise?

Walking once a week is not a regimen, it’s an excuse to say that you walk. No you don’t. If you want to up your exercise routine, you have to make goals that are reasonable and achievable. If you aren’t active and you want to be, telling yourself and your friends that you are going to work out for an hour each day, six times per week, is going to be something you tell your friends for maybe all six days and it will never be spoken of again.

Start slow and ramp it up when what you’ve been doing has become too easy or is no longer as challenging as it once was. If you join a gym and work with a trainer, make sure that trainer actually watches what you’re doing and answers your questions. If you don’t feel like the trainer is the right fit for you, ask for a different one. Big gyms have many trainers on staff and they all work toward the same “training sales” division of the gym. You are there to get in shape while being encouraged and motivated – if that isn’t happening, you’re “waist”ing your money.

Get moving!




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