13 Things to Conquer in ’13! – Day Eleven

Your garage, attic or storage unit. A few days ago, we discussed cleaning out your various spaces. The garage, attic and storage unit are no different. Hopefully, when you first moved into your home or storage unit, you took the time to set things up in an organized way.

Most of us didn’t, (I saw you smile) and now that we’re in the spaces and we’re settled, we need to get specific with how we keep our possessions. If you’re in the garage or attic, it’s hot! Try to find the best system for those spaces, as they all vary.

If you have more wall space than floor space, build the storage up on the walls rather than stacking on the floor. If you have a storage unit, stackable bins are great. Try to organize the seasonal stuff in monthly order so you just have to take from the top instead of the middle and bottom throughout the year.

If you just throw your stuff in the space and let it pile up, was it really worth keeping anyway?





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