Organize Your Supermarket Tour!

Supermarket Tour!

How would you like to get a real tour of a grocery store? This is the real tour that no one else will show you.

I will cover:

  • the tactics behind product placement on the shelves
  • how the store is arranged so you can avoid pitfalls and fake bargains
  • different keywords on food labels that indicate that you should drop the bag and run in the other direction
  • new ways to use the same old foods
  • new foods you might not know about and simple, easy recipes to use them in

In addition to the tour, you’ll receive:

  • a packet of information about the tour you’re on as well as a week of simple recipes you can make with the foods you learned about on the tour
  • my personalized approach to learning
  • A block of time customized to your favorite foods and beverages, as well as any personal concerns or questions you have that may have not been covered on the tour
  • A commemorative TeamJohnny pen (who doesn’t LOVE a great pen!?) 🙂

Cost: $50 (individual), $75 (couple), $100 (group of three), $125 (group of four). Small groups are required so we can quickly navigate through the aisles to cover the entire store, ensure everyone can hear and ask their individual questions without disrupting the other shoppers. The cost covers: my time; my research; my unique, personalized approach; materials; a snack for the individual or group. The cost does not include mileage. Standard mileage rates apply and will be given upon request.


You’ll never look at the grocery store the same again!



©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2012 All Rights Reserved.


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