13 Things to Conquer in ’13 – Day 7

Day 7 – Your Refrigerator!


I can only imagine what’s lurking in there! If you can’t see the light bulb, it’s probably a good indication that you have too much in there! If you overstuff a refrigerator, you’re not promoting optimum cooling of its contents which can lead to spoiled food and higher electric bills. Be smart about how you keep your fridge.

After all of these holidays are over, go through the fridge and gut it. Take everything out that doesn’t belong in there. If you have pie components, cookies and other garbage, take a look at the leftover amounts. If there’s enough to bake a couple more pies or dozens of cookies, use it and take the goods to friends or find somewhere to give them away. If you have kids, take a look at their school calendars and see if they have bake sales or anything coming up that you may need those ingredients for. If you can’t justify keeping the contents, pitch them!

January is a great time to completely clean out your refrigerator and to restock it with great, healthy foods that will help get your year off to a great start!



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