13 Things to Conquer in ’13 – Day 5


Day 5 – Your Finances

Oh boy, wait til you get that credit card bill in January from this shopping season! That’s going to be a doozie! Get yourself in order. Start a regular schedule of paying down your balances while still being able to live a nice, full life in between now and being debt-free. Be sure to leave money each month to enjoy yourself so you don’t go I deserve it! shopping in February because you’ve been working so hard to pay down that debt. Your generosity this season will be appreciated, but be sure to always to give to yourself, too. If you always look after yourself, you are always taken care of! Put yourself in your hands – don’t rely on other people to do for you what you are perfectly capable of doing yourself. Allow others to help you, of course, if they offer – and feel free to ask for help. However, don’t ask people to do things for you just because you’re lazy or unwilling to do it yourself.



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