13 Things to Conquer in ’13 – Day Three


Day Three – Conquering Your Spaces

First of all, I pulled this image off of the internet. This is not my house! LOL

Do you feel most comfortable and at peace at home or does it constantly look like a bomb went off and your belongings exploded all over the place?

Decide what your spaces mean to you and what you would like to feel when you’re in them. Determine what is needed on your part to get those spaces to the levels at which you want them and go for it!

How would it feel to always come home to a clean house? Orderly bathrooms? Clean kitchen? Nice cookware?

Would you be more prone to cooking if you had nice cookware and a clean kitchen?

More prone to having people over to your home for parties, gatherings and light social events if it was always in order?

Well guess what! That all starts with…guess who…YOU!

It is up to you take charge of those spaces, go through the excess, feel empowered to throw away things you haven’t used in a long time and move forward! “I want to keep that because I might use it.” You said that a year ago. With some things, you said that 10 years ago. Get rid of it! It is only holding you back!

Think of all the people who recently lost most of their possessions in Hurricane Sandy. How much less of a headache of cleanup would they have had to go through if they hadn’t been such packrats? Go through your home spaces and really decide what’s important to you and what’s replaceable.

Think about it this way. If you have to spend a hundred dollars or more per month for a storage unit just to keep things, that’s $1200 per year on stuff you may or may not use. If you throw most of it away or donate it to charity, in the event that you have to buy it again, you’d most likely spend a fraction of the cost of your storage unit to buy it new.

Your home spaces are meant to be enjoyed. Our homes are our castles and if we feel surrounded by crap piling up, get rid of it!

If you rent the space you live in, do you plan to stay there much longer or do you see a move in your future? How hard or easy do you want that move to be? I’ve moved three times in the past four years and each time I get rid of more and more. I get rid of things, primarily, because I don’t need the excess and I don’t feel like moving all of it again when I move in the future. Also, if you hire movers, you have to pay them by the hour, usually. It would take less time to move less stuff, right?

Do yourself a favor. Go through your spaces and start tossing things here and there. Dedicate thirty minutes, twice a week to start. When you’re sitting in front of the television, shred things. When you’re going through mail, see what mail came and grab the corresponding file folders you have for those companies before you sit down to open the mail. Once you’ve paid your bills, file them in their folders and immediately go put them away. They’ve been dealt with, you’re current and that’s one less thing you have lying around. Let’s make 2013 the year we take back our lives and our spaces! You can do this! I’m right there with you!



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