13 Things to Conquer in ’13 – Day Two


Day 2 – Your health.


Have you been putting off those medical tests, physical or not so fun exam?

Take charge of your body and get a head to toe exam. You can have every intention of living the fullest life but if you drop dead from some dormant condition you didn’t know about, what kind of living is that? NONE! So many of us take being healthy for granted and don’t appreciate being healthy until there’s a problem.

Give thanks for your health, be proactive in taking care of yourself and if you don’t feel right, go get checked out! Health is impacted by your lifestyle.

What bad habits do you have?

What good habits do you have?

How positive are you?

How’s your work environment?

How physically active are you?

What level of inner peace do you have?

Wellness is way more vast than health while they’re seemingly so equal. Most of us equate being healthy to bodily health and numbers that are produced on a machine or a graph. We don’t think of our mental health or our stress levels or other silent sources that can devastate us.

We need to take control.

Take a look at the epidemic that continues to consume the United States – obesity. No matter where you are, take a look around. What percentage of people around you are overweight or obese? What percentage are actually at a healthy weight? What percentage would you like to be part of? You can either invest in your health now or pay for it dearly, later.

It’s all up to you.




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