13 Days of 13 Things to Conquer in ’13!

Day One

Conquering Your Weight

Your happiness gauge

It’s not a holiday unless we feel stuffed…into our pants! You know that look of ‘surprise’ you give yourself in the mirror in January when your clothes are so tight you think the tightness is causing amnesia because you can’t remember what happened to make you feel so swollen? That’s amnesia alright…from all the garbage you’ve been eating since Halloween!

THE AVERAGE PERSON GAINS FIFTEEN POUNDS between Halloween and New Year’s. SHOCKING! Let’s see how that happened.

Halloween candy came out in August, so really, since August you’ve been picking at a piece or five of chocolate every day until Halloween.

Then, once Halloween arrived, you splurged at parties and then had to ‘recover’ afterward – until you arrived at the office only to find that everyone else brought their most hated candies to work to get rid of them and you happily dispose of them because they’re your favorites!

Before you know it, Thanksgiving approaches and we begin, I mean KEEP making exceptions and then we feast, because we’ve never eaten turkey before! For days following the gobble gobble, we continue to gobble gobble as we eat leftovers and get ready for Hanukkah and Christmas.

The entire month of December twinkles with a dash of cookies, a pinch of chocolates, a cup of cheer and a belly full of fat. Just like years before, we always have the same conversation with the same people in January about how we don’t know where all the weight came from, but it must be because we’re getting older and our metabolisms are slowing. Bull! Just shut your mouth, be selective when you open it and you will come out on top in January!

Make 2013 the year to get yourself together and to get that weight off, to stay off!

Not to get the weight off only to be put back on at Halloween.

Let’s get real, let’s get together and let’s get you lean in ’13!


When you decide you’re ready to get lean in ’13 with the help of a pro, call me at 561-536-6316 or email me at TeamJohnnyUSA@gmail.com!



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