One Minute to Motivated!

With all of the holiday treats around, you can find yourself in quite the “sticky situation!”

Did you know it only takes ONE MINUTE to get motivated to be victorious in your questionable moment?

Let’s imagine you’re at one of your numerous holiday gatherings. Visualize. See yourself there. Where are you? Are you by the food table? Do you have a plate or cocktail in your hand? Are you speaking to anyone? Really get a good image of the situation.

Assuming you’re speaking to someone you’re not particularly fond of, maybe a family member (never!) and you’re feeling triggered to eat or pick while you socialize with them, acknowledge how you feel to yourself and find a way to motivate yourself in the next minute.

Maybe you can excuse yourself to ‘freshen up’ or perhaps you ‘forgot something in the car’ or if you keep your phone on vibrate, ‘the sitter is calling – excuse me for just a moment’ and get yourself somewhere you can think clearly.

If I use the word meditate, you’ll most likely assume you don’t have time for that and you’ll disregard the advice I’m about to give. If you think of it as one minute to motivated, you can change everything negative about the situation you’re in and flip it all so it’s in your control.

During your minute, try to quiet your mind. All of those negative thoughts of, “I can’t” or “I hate Christmas” or “why is this so hard” need to be flipped into positive thoughts like, “I am totally in control”, “I love being part of such a fun party” or “I am so thankful I have supportive people in my life, especially my coach Johnny.” Ok I threw that last one in there for fun, but that’s the idea!

Holidays are stressful because people make them stressful.

It’s really that simple. If you don’t play into the hype, if you don’t panic, and if you can keep yourself MOTIVATED, you can have a different take on the year ahead and allow it to be so incredible it will blow your mind!

It all starts and ends with you.





©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2012 All Rights Reserved.


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