Thankful for Control

This year, I am shaking things up a bit.

Tomorrow, November 14, I leave for an eleven day cruise that is sure to bring a ton of relaxation, mental clarity, decompression and  a lot of fun. This morning, while writing in my journal, I discovered that I am somewhat fearful of such a long cruise. Not for seasickness, Colombian drug cartels or anything else that normally makes American tourists nervous when traveling in South America. I am fearful of the food.

Silly, right? Not really. The average weight gain from a seven day cruise is eight pounds. This is eleven days, which also includes being in St. Thomas for Thanksgiving on the eighth day of the voyage. Maybe being on a beach in St. Thomas with a fruity drink in my hand will distract me from wanting to binge just because society says I’m allowed because it’s Thanksgiving.

Yes, I still struggle with episodes of binge eating and while they are very rare, they can be easily provoked and before you know it, I’ve eaten my share, your share, as well as the table’s. To prevent such behavior or screw ups on this cruise, I had the following conversation with myself and acknowledge these bullets:

  • With the exception of a daily special dish in a main dining room depending on what country we’re in, I have had all of the normal, everyday dishes that Norwegian offers – thus, there is no valid excuse like, “I’ve never had this before.”
  • I am on vacation from my normal, day-to-day activities; not from myself. I will never “vacate” myself.
  • I will listen to myself over and over before I listen to others. “You’re on vacation, live a little.” Well, thank you for the permission but I happen to “live a little” quite frequently as I’ve chosen to make living my lifestyle. I must remember this so I can keep a level head and say, “No, thank you.”
  • “No.” is a complete sentence. “No, thank you.” Is a polite complete sentence.
  • There are 5 days at sea. I will spend one hour of every day at sea exercising.
  • I will take the stairs throughout the ship no matter what. The only exception is when moving luggage.
  • I will maintain my current weight at least.
  • I will ask for help if I feel like I may jeopardize my efforts.
  • I will focus on the key elements of vacation – taking in new places, new cultures, learning about other people, appreciating being able to go away for eleven days and being in control of my eating the entire time

There are too many temptations to start entertaining which one you should have, which is why when we should have one we choose five. Determine what you want prior to putting yourself in the challenging environment, get your head in the game and then go out there and win!





One thought on “Thankful for Control

  1. Have a fabulous time! Happy Thansgiving to you. You have many things to celebrate, so start now……make sure you take photos and post them so we people on land can see them

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