Holidays 2012 – Part One

Christmas is next week.

Thanksgiving is in a few weeks.

Wait. That’s backwards. Well, from all of the holiday décor, commercials, storefronts and talks of gift giving, it’s almost as if Thanksgiving is getting trampled on, or at most, already over.

Stores are going to open at 8:00p on Thanksgiving Day. Can’t we take the entire day to celebrate Thanksgiving? Why are we so commercial and so driven by alleged economic hype that we run to stores, hoping to beat crowds and obtain steals and deals?

With all of the fuss about Christmas and year end clearances, etc., one might be surprised to see that indeed Thanksgiving is next week and my question for you is – are you ready?


For some, this holiday is not a problem. It doesn’t get smothered with food, their families don’t drive them crazy, they don’t have the potential for drama and the like – but for others, Thanksgiving represents the epitome of stress and for what? No good reason. Whether it’s your time to shine as an entertainer with your décor, hors d’oeuvres, main plates, desserts, cocktails and hospitality, the meaning of Thanksgiving is all but lost in the now tradition of commercialization than giving of thanks.

Take 5 minutes for yourself (set a timer if the notion of five minutes for yourself scares you) and just start making a list of what you’re grateful for. Encourage your family members to do the same. If you’re crafty, you could even ask your family members to write their thanks on the backs of their place cards at the dining room table. Maybe you go around the table when you gather, proclaiming what you’re thankful for or maybe by having it on the place cards, you could allow your guests to use the table as a conversation piece to gather around and discuss the items that the numerous people soon to be sitting at that table are grateful for.

If you ask me, Thanksgiving should be every day. What is so exclusive about gratitude that we celebrate it once a year? Give thanks every day and celebrate the joys of your life. Marvel at how blessed you are and whether quietly throughout each day or out loud to all you meet, say “Thank you.”

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