Cruise to Lose!

This past weekend I took a three day cruise with some family members and some friends. Normally, telling others that you’re going on a cruise prompts the reaction of, “Oh no, you’re going to gain so much weight!” This was my fourth cruise. The three prior to this one were comprised of two, 3-day cruises and one 7-day cruise. The typical weight gain for a 7-day cruise is 8 pounds!  I’m going on an 11-day cruise in November. Wonder what the weight gain is for that one! 20? I did not gain weight on this cruise; in fact, I LOST WEIGHT! Here’s how to go on a cruise and keep your weight in check:


  • Study the layout of the deck plans. Find the food, beverage stations and bars and their relative distance to your cabin.
  • Book a cabin as far away from these stations as possible. I tend to get seasick so we book lower, inside cabins so I’m as close the ship’s center of stabilization as possible. If the food and everything you really want to do are on decks 6, 7, 11 and 12, booking a cabin on Deck 4 will help – as long as you take the stairs.
  • Taking the stairs is a killer way to keep your metabolism up. The stairwells are at both ends of the ship, practically, while the elevators are in between the staircases. If you have to walk the distance from end to end to then take the stairs up and down, repetitively, you will burn some serious calories.
  • Only take the elevators if you’re carrying something you can’t carry up and down stairs or if you’ve managed to drink too much. Don’t ruin your vacation by falling down some stairs.
  • Carry a big tumbler with you that you can rinse out and use for water, iced tea and other non-alcoholic beverages. When we get dehydrated we tend to see a drop in our blood sugar and that’s usually when we start to crave quick pick-me-ups like cookies, cakes and sugary drinks. If the only water stations are on Deck 11 and you’re seeing a show on Deck 6, are you really going to make the journey all the way to other end of the ship and five decks up just to get some water? Not when the bar waiter is walking around the theater asking you what you’d like! Every one of those Bahama Mamas is only hurting your waistline! If you’re going to hurt your waistline, at least CHEW through the pain!
  • Look at your fellow passengers. When the largest passengers make the largest plates and then they go back up the buffet again and again and again – make the connection. You are what you eat. If you eat a table of food, you will look like you ate a table of food.
  • Taste everything, finish nothing. “But I paid for this food! I’m getting my fill!” Correction. Your ticket included your food, AND; your lodging, your fuel, your onboard entertainment, your room service,  your tender service to the non-port destinations and the peace of mind knowing you are about to travel a great distance without having to drag every bag you brought with you from place to place. By TASTING everything, which equates to two-three bites of every dish your heart desires, you can try it all and suffer very little.
  • Wear your swimsuit as often as possible – even under your regular clothes. Let’s be honest. You may have worked really hard to get into swimsuit shape to bear most of your body when you’re at sea. By wearing your suit as often as possible, you will have a constant reminder of fitting into that swimsuit so you may be less inclined to take that next bite.
  • Plan to participate in different events throughout the ship at different ends of the ship. Take some time to get familiar with where everything is and then try to attend Bingo at one end and then a pool party at the other. Taking all these extra steps is like having extra money in the bank if you should happen to make a not-so-wise choice at some point during your trip.


Above all, have fun. Feeling fat and disgusting is not fun. Feeling victorious, in control and carefree is what’s fun! Get your priorities straight, plan to have a blast and move, move, move!




©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2012 All Rights Reserved


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