Candy Corn Oreos!


OH…MY…GOODNES!! You may have seen these already and you may have not. Either way – they’re delicious. They don’t taste as fatty, soggy as regular Oreos and they have a bit of a crunch to them. Must be because they’re so fresh, rather than having been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long!

As a candy corn connoisseur, the flavor of candy corn is primarily absent from the cookies but the overall flavor is prominent with icing and crunch. Total flavor isn’t new, isn’t something I’ve never tasted and is most likely a marketed copy of other products that currently exist on the market with that definitive coloring.

The cookies are cute, quite a conversation starter which usually sounds like, “No, they didn’t! I love!” The perfect accessory to any Halloween party so make sure you stock up if you like them!

By the way, they’re semi-addictive, so if you have problems keeping stuff like that in your house, you might want to buy them for your office or something and keep them there. If you don’t have an office and your car is your office, do not buy them and keep them in your car – they will be gone by the time you get where you’re going. Best idea is to buy them, pull out two (a serving size) and maybe two more, then throw the rest of the bag away. It was only $3 – your Starbucks is probably more expensive than that. Big deal! In the end, failure to control that $3 item could result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in efforts to fix a weight problem caused by a few dumb little “wannabe” candy corns disguised as Oreos!



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