Wedding Report


The much anticipated wedding of my sister and brother-in-law (again) took place at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach this past Saturday evening. It was a beautiful Vintage-Autumn-themed ceremony, complete with four handsome groomsmen decked out in Vera Wang (featured above), four gorgeous bridesmaids in red-cranberry, two flower girls in white, a ring bearer in black and our little toddler niece making a cameo down the aisle before bedtime. The bride and groom both looked awesome, the decor was uniquely elegant and the question you’re dying to know is…Whadja eat!?

Following the ceremony was a cocktail hour, complete with all kinds of interesting hors d’oeuvres – even a Cuban spring roll! TOTALLY made up but tasted frighteningly similar to a Cuban sandwich. I had one. Okay, two. The dinner consisted of an arugula salad with candied pecans (I think? it was too dark to tell), crisp goat cheese and beets; the main course was beef tenderloin and herb-crusted chicken with asparagus and potatoes au gratin (served in a brick style, very neat and not all over the place – interesting take!), complemented with a delicious glass of Chardonnay. There was some kind of cheesecake, I can’t remember the exact description, but we’ll leave it at “a nice slice of heaven” and remember it fondly. The wedding cake was impressive, white, three-tier adorned with bright red roses and a tasty inside!

There was plenty of dancing, laughing, booty-shaking and other memorable moments. Anyone who has ever put on or been part of a wedding from start to finish knows the extensive detail required to pull it off without chaos and this (thankfully!) was a chaos-free affair. I will post an official bride & groom approved photo once the photographer shares them.

Congratulations to Christina & Andrew!



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