Transform your life! Imagine changing your body in ways you have always dreamed of, but never followed through with. The holiday season is rapidly approaching! Am I the only one who has seen Halloween stores popping up everywhere? Really? It’s the last day of August and the last thing I’m thinking about is my Halloween costume. However, it’s the last day of August which means that September starts tomorrow and the first Monday in September is always Labor Day, so if it’s Labor Day already – Rosh Hashanah (L’shana Tova!), Yom Kippur (can we eat yet?), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s and Three Kings are all around the corner.

Did I just scare you? Yeah. Think about it! So while you’re thinking about how fast the year is going by, think about how fast 90 days can go by and how fast you could be living in your better body! I have NEVER found a product line quite like those produced by ViSalus Sciences and their Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge!

Did you know that most of the produce that you eat (if not organic) is ‘dead’ of nutrients by the time it reaches your plate? (Watch: Food, Inc.; Food Matters; Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.) Think of all the nutrition you’re NOT getting from fruits and vegetables, even if you eat a truckload! If you’re eating a truckload, that can get expensive. Heck, for what’s in one Body by Vi shake, you’d have to consume more than 8,000 calories of various “whole” or “minimally processed” foods and spend more than $100 per meal to achieve the same nutrition!

I never recommend a product or service I haven’t personally tried and September 4th is my Day One of my total transformation.

People! I have a Marathon coming up in December! I am going on two cruises between now and December 4th! I am taking this challenge head-on because it will help while I’m on the ships, it will help while I am running and training for the Marathon, it will help boost my nutrition while I’m sculpting my body and killing it at the gym and slaughtering every physical souvenir I have of the days when I was morbidly obese.

October 6th is my FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of losing 120 pounds and I am celebrating my five years by challenging myself to finally achieve the body I’ve always wanted.

If you want to challenge yourself and get tons of support while you do it through social media, help is only a Facebook post, ‘pin’, or ‘tweet’ away! You can use the tangible rewards of the challenge like vacations and monetary prizes as visualization tools to help you manage your efforts and you can ALWAYS reach out and call ME for support and cheerleading!

Don’t spend another day in a world of fat and misery! Let’s work together, face this challenge head-on and not be part of the two-thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese!






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