How do you feel about challenges? Do they scare you? Do they invigorate you and light your fire? Do you jump at the chance to take on the beasts known as challenges?

I love a good challenge. It bears a sense of victory without even having been started.

The anatomy of a challenge usually involves knowing the outline of the course of events it entails and the reward at the end. After all, if we didn’t know what we were participating in the challenge for, would we even do it?

To me, challenges are the framework of our lives. Life is easy, certainly. However, we face daily challenges, some of us more than others (depending on who you ask), and it is how we respond to our life challenges that either deflate us or empower us.

First of all, everything in your life happens because of you; good and bad, it’s because of you. Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? I smell a Google coming on! Basically put, thoughts become things. What you think about, you bring about. Ever notice how when you start the day in a bad way, the rest of the day follows suit? Ever notice how when you’re “on a roll” that life just keeps getting better? Either way – it’s because of you. It’s imperative that you know this because without this knowledge, you will never truly achieve what you really want.

Now, keep all of that in mind and let’s talk about challenges. We all aim to achieve goals or rewards; which is why we enter into the realm of conquering challenges in the first place, right?


  • Losing weight – the reward is the awesome way we feel when we’re at our goal weights, the clothes we can wear, the self-confidence we have, the feeling of victory, pride, etc.
  • Quitting smoking – the reward is being able to live the rest of your life! Breathing easier, not coughing up large amounts of flem and tar…yummy! (blech!)
  • Eating healthier – the rewards are: feeling amazing, regardless of your weight progress; knowing that you’re properly nourished; all of your organs are operating at maximum functionality and ability without strain and you feel more physically able to live.


Challenges dangle rewards in our faces and if we are willing to commit, we will succeed. Think about your life challenges, how you react to them, how you honestly feel about achieving them and address how you feel. If you’re feeling great, keep doing whatever you’re doing to keep feeling that way. If you’re feeling crappy, do some self-analysis and find out why!

Above all, if you can assess how you feel and you know you want to change your life for the better but you’re just not sure where to start, schedule your FREE 30 MINUTE MEET & GREET WITH ME AND WE CAN ASSESS YOUR WELLNESS TOGETHER!


Make this the weekend to start your efforts to becoming the best version of yourself. If you’ve already started, don’t allow the “weekend syndrome” to derail your efforts! You have been given a challenge and you can either forfeit, or YOU CAN WIN!






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