The Mute Button

Another powerful “button of control” is the MUTE button. Think about your life and the influences that help you make your food choices.

Do you make some crappy choices because the negative voices in your head tell you that you deserve a carb-loaded pastry at Starbucks because you don’t feel so great?

Do you turn to food for comfort because you have some negative people in your life who mistreat you or put you down?

Do you eat away your frustrations from your family members, co-workers, bosses and neighbors?

Did someone tease you recently and make you feel like you were less than awesome?

What would you MUTE?

Take the “would” and make it a “will.”

What will you mute? What will you do to change your life circumstances? What will you do to silence the negativity and enjoy your newfound peace?

Think about THAT today. MUTE the negative and PLAY the positive.


©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2012 All Rights Reserved


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