Countdown to the Wedding!


 On September 15, 2012, my sister and brother-in-law are getting married…formally. They’ve been married for just about two years now and they chose to do so initially at the courthouse, nothing big and fancy. After a while, they both felt the need to have an actual ceremony with family and friends and have been planning “the big day” for quite some time now.

The time has finally come, or so it seems, and today I took my brother-in-law tuxedo shopping. I have impeccable taste, so, naturally, I provided the honest opinion of what worked and what didn’t. Our consultant was phenomenal and very patient with us as well as very extremely proficient in her business.  He got his tuxedo at one location and after the wedding I will disclose where he got it (as well as some pictures). I went to a ‘chain’ to set up the groomsmen.

I haven’t had to be fitted for a tuxedo since my sister’s first wedding, ten years ago. I was also much heavier the first time and don’t remember much about the fitting experience except that I hated every minute. This experience, however, was awesome. Usually, when we see tape measures and they’re not running from floor board to floor board, we run in the opposite direction. Today was easy!

I was measured and given a few looks to try and every time, no matter which way I turned, I liked how I looked. Glad there’s a “guarantee.” J So the experience of being measured for a tuxedo was actually pleasant. I can’t say I ever thought I would say that. Just another added incentive to keep managing my weight and kicking butt…especially my own! After the wedding I will post some pictures so you can see just how hot the groomsmen look. With me at the helm, we will look nothing less than white-hot!!! HELLO!??? J


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