My Kid Clone :)


I have this little joy in my life and her name is Rhianna. Throughout her life (she’s nine now) I have made it my mission (once I got healthy, she was about three at the time) to teach her about healthy eating habits, staying hydrated, choosing wisely at restaurants, eating to the point of satisfied and not stuffed, the health benefits of asking her parents to take her to restaurants that serve healthy foods and a whole lot more!

She recently spent the good part of a week at my house and while she was here she decided that she (like her UJ – Uncle Johnny) wants to go into business for herself and she wants to open a restaurant. We recently had a discussion about how all the foods that seem to be bad for you or that are not so healthy are cheap, whereas the bettafayou™  foods are more expensive. That didn’t sit well with my little darling and she comprised her own menu of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner items that charged patrons out the wazoo for the fattening dishes. With exquisite attention to detail, she also made sure to charge reasonable prices for the healthier items.

Rhianna is one smart cookie! At just nine years old she has a head for business and all because she found something she loves – leading a healthy lifestyle!

Love you, kiddo! 🙂 xoxo

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