Birthday Boy!

My birthday was Saturday, August 4th and it was incredible. Festivities began on Tuesday, July 31 and continued through last night. I was driving home from Miami this morning from a weekend away and had thoughts racing through my head about what I want to do at the age of 28.

I reflected on 27 and it was a great year. I think last year was a very large milestone for me in terms of finding myself and was another step closer to figuring out just what direction I want my life to go in. During this past year, I had huge life changes:

  • I moved yet again for the third time in four years
  • I embarked on a 7-day cruise, trusting I would not get sick while at sea
  • I tried caviar and have confirmed I do not like it
  • I tried Pad Thai and have confirmed that I love it, but dislike having to recover from the sodium overload
  • I left my “safe” job and also my longest job for the unknown
  • I started my own company with my own money and didn’t borrow a dime
  • I discovered a powerful secret
  • I started training for a Marathon in December 2012
  • I celebrated being in business for six months on Friday, August 3rd

 The list could go on and on.

 With all of these accomplishments, transitions and findings – I am proud of myself. I am victorious, I always win and I am always in control of me. Sometimes my old habits get the better of me and I make some not-so-wise choices. I then pay the price afterward for making said choices.

 The difference between 27 and 28 is that this is the first time I have ever experienced a potential, severely negative situation and immediately diffused the negative before allowing it to rule my thoughts and actions. Yes, I lived it up this past week with food. Why am I not beating myself up about it? Because my food choices have no impact on who I am, what I know, what I am capable of and what I have achieved. It’s just food!

My typical response to my behavior in past episodes would be guilt, negative self-talk, depression, more eating for “comfort” and it would take weeks to get over myself. I’m over it. I own it. I had A LOT of fun and now I will continue to enjoy every day, give thanks for everything and continue on my journey to being the Master of my life.

If you blew it this weekend, get over it! The weekend is over! Take your cue from the word “Monday” and begin again! If beginnings make you feel like everything you’ve worked so hard for doesn’t exist, just think of yourself as having pressed Pause for the weekend and now you can press Play.





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4 thoughts on “Birthday Boy!

  1. What a great concept! “Press PLAY,” not rewind or fast-forward. Live in the NOW. We all inspire one another… that’s what makes TeamJohnny so great. Happy 28!

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