Olympic Eating


Many athletes in the Olympics eat throughout the day and for good reason – they have numerous events to attend and participate in and they need to keep their energy up!

You don’t have to be an Olympian to eat like one – just check in with your current “diet” – meaning what you eat in a day – and see how it fits.

Do you eat three meals per day? Do you skip breakfast and eat a light lunch and a big dinner? Do you eat a small breakfast, big lunch, lighter dinner and snack at night? Do you eat six small meals during the day?

However you eat, Olympic style is to eat frequently throughout the day. Say this to the average person trying to manage their weight and it seems like a recipe for failure…or does it?

Always stumped by this issue, I sat down today and worked out the issue until it made sense to me. Let’s say I’m eating about 1200 calories in a day to lose weight. If I eat six times today, that’s 200 calories each time I eat. If I get myself on a schedule to eat every six hours from the time I wake to the time I think I should eat last for the day, that’s every 2.5 hours for me, personally.

So today I am trying it out and will try it out for the duration of the week. I will report my results on Friday. Break down your day into six periods and see how you do – just be careful that your SMALL meals are not the same time as your regular meals prior to trying it out. 200 calories. Well, what’s 200 calories? I’ll give you a hint – LESS than an Egg McMuffin; that’s 300.

Anyone else want to give it a go?

Reminder to check out the London games, folks! We are living in exciting times!


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