Controlling Your Portions?

I see you! Dining out a lot more lately for some reason. You haven’t felt like cooking so you’ve been going out. Good for you! BUT – have you been controlling those portions? Here’s a short list of points to review to assess your behaviors!

  • Is this enough for three people?
  • Am I at a “family style” restaurant?
  • Did I just clean my plate?
  • Is this a dinner plate or salad plate?
  • Is half of my plate vegetables?
  • Did I just eat the bun and the fries?
  • Can I get a box to pack half up so I’m not tempted to eat it?
  • Can I get some duct tape and a combination lock to keep the food container off-limits until I get home?
  • Do I really want that bread?
  • What did he always tell me?…oh yeah – ROLLS MAKE ROLLS!
  • I blew it at breakfast and I drank my lunch…might as well have fun at dinner! I deserve a little fun in my life! (ARE YOU SERIOUS?!)
  • “OMG pizza! I haven’t had pizza in such a long time!” – “OMG yes you did! We had it last night!” “You would rain on my parade!”
  • What would Johnny do?


Go faithfully into the weekend! YOU CAN DO IT! The only thing to remember is that your thoughts become your actions – what will you spend your weekend thinking about? 🙂

©TeamJohnny, Inc. 2012 All Rights Reserved


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