Another diet? OMG

Yes, there’s another one. Another diet. I don’t even have to hear it. I heard the teasers this morning on the Today Show and from cold baths to coffee on empty stomachs, all I have to say is: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I think it’s called Six Weeks to OMG – well, he got the OMG part right.

People. Let’s review. Most diets are effective, I’ll be the first one to hold up my hand to claim I’ve done them.

My question is do you want to experience a quick fix or do you want permanent changes? Maybe that’s the question you should be asking yourself before you jump into another diet, program or scam.

If you want permanent changes, you know who to call. If you just asked yourself out loud, “Who?” then you maybe you need a couple more cups of coffee! ME! YOU CALL ME!

BUT – if you want to do another diet, be my guest. I’ll still be here, at my goal weight, (going on 5 years now!) ready, willing and able to help you achieve what you want…for good!

Make today an awesome day! If there’s one thing you actually do for yourself today, making today awesome should be that one thing!



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